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¡Mucho gusto!

By March 4, 2011No Comments

Introductions are always a little awkward, except when you’re an author meeting kids of any age. Thankfully, they go right for what matters, no small talk. So here, by way of introduction, are my vitals in kid format.

I live in Virginia with my family (husband, mother-in-law, three teens), a black, shaggy dog (Noche) and a fierce hunting machine cat named Wolfe.

My house is, in fact, messy, especially around deadlines, when I forget to bathe and I wander around mumbling dialogue.

My favorite candy is MilkDuds, no matter what my dentist says. I buy the extra big box at the movies every time.

I write for about four hours a day at a little desk tucked in my livingroom. When I can’t think of what to write I walk Noche or throw in some laundry.

Yes, I speak Spanish and English. My family is from Cuba.

No. I’m not especially rich or famous. I don’t need extra big sunglasses or anything.

You can ask me other burning questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Meg Medina

Author Meg Medina

I'm Meg Medina, author of libros for kids of all ages. I'm the 2019 Newbery medalist for Merci Suárez Changes Gears. I write strong girls, tough circumstances, and the connecting power of culture. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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  • Gigi says:

    Hi Meg, I love your introduction. Your bio says you are about strong girls. What made you a strong girl?

    • Meg Medina says:

      Hi Gigi! My tias and mother, who were so afraid of things like riding the subway or going in the water past your knees at Jones Beach, but who had somehow lived through an entire revolution in Cuba. My sister who was fierce and talented and complicated and strangely wonderful. The factory ladies at Electronic Transistor Corporation, who never stopped wearing tacones(high heels) and nail polish. My many lonely moments growing up; they taught me that hard things do pass and you can find your way again.

  • Maureen says:

    Whether or not you wear high heels, you are multi-platform now, Meg! Keep the good stuff coming!

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