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Tomorrow is National Library Worker’s Day. How are you celebrating?

By happy coincidence, I’ll be speaking at the spring conference of the Richmond Area Reading Council. RARC is a group of Virginia book lovers banded together across sixteen counties to celebrate books and get people reading. Naturally, librarians and teachers will make up most of the mix. Nice!

Hands down, there’s no edgier group than librarians. For a relatively new author like me, they’re my lifeline in a sea of splashy commercial titles. When they’re not battling censorship from the foolish, they’re figuring out how to stretch their measly budgets to bring living, breathing authors – big time and small — into the lives of kids.

To Lucinda Whitehurst and Shelly Dean. To Janet Craft and Cindy Ford. To Sue Van Tassell and all the rockin’ librarians who love books, writers and readers. To all of you who have so generously helped me get started, gracias.

So, how to celebrate? Let’s laugh. Here’s Betty White’s interpretation of the stereotype from The Middle. (If only BW made friends with a librarian, all her techno woes might be over!)

Comments on: "A love letter to librarians" (4)

  1. Thanks for this! I’m glad to know about N’tl Library Worker’s day so I can go thank my most excellent library workers at the Monterey Public Library. And my favorite childhood librarian, Lucy Selander in Minneapolis.

    The Betty White piece is a hoot!

  2. Fred Larmore said:

    I never realized librarians lived on the crest of the wave. Until now. The literary tip of the spear. Enjoy the celebration.
    I wish I had learned to enjoy reading as a young person. I do enjoy it now.
    Great video. Betty’s a hoot.

  3. Meg, thank you for your beautiful words.

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