Newbery award winner and New York Times bestselling author

I just saw the official press release announcing that I’ve won the Ezra Jack Keats New Writers Award for 2012 for my picture book. I’m still a little stunned, but very happy. This is an enormous honor, and I am so especially proud that it comes for a story that pays tribute to the valiant women in my family. Thank you to everyone who was involved in finding and sharing this story, those I know, like Gigi Amateau, Kate Fletcher, Jen Rofé, and Laura Rivas, and those who have been secret cheerleaders in far flung places. I’m sending you all muchos abrazos fuertes!

Here is a little snippet from the release to tell you about the award:

“Fifty years ago, Ezra’s book The Snowy Day, which featured an African American child, broke the color barrier in mainstream children’s book publishing when it was embraced by families across racial, economic and ethnic lines,” said Deborah Pope, Executive Director of the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation. “Like Ezra, this year’s Book Award winners have, in their own way, celebrated the similarities—and differences—of people whose life experiences are dramatically varied.”

Since 1985, the Ezra Jack Keats Book Award has been awarded annually to an outstanding new writer and new illustrator of picture books for children (age 9 and under) by the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by the late Keats and dedicated to enhancing the love of reading and learning in all children. The Book Awards come to the de Grummond for the first time this year from the New York Public Library.

Looking forward to the ceremony on April 12…

Comments on: "Tía Isa Wants a Car wins the Ezra Jack Keats New Writers Award" (14)

  1. Kate Bradley-Ferrall said:

    Brava, Meg! And congratulations on a much-deserved honor.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I am so glad I was able to give you a great big hug recently!! Pretend it was a congratulatory hug!! I am at the Highlights Foundation with Jules, Katie Davis and others- can’t wait to go to dinner and share this wonderful news!!!! p.s. I know I am not supposed to use so many exclamation points but I just can’t help myself 🙂

  3. Fabulous! Meg — I am jumping with joy for you! I’m going upstairs right now to get my very own copy of TIA ISA and kiss it!

  4. Meg! Wonderful news! I’m so happy for you. Tia Isa is a remarkable, beautiful book.

  5. Carol O said:

    Yesterday, my 6 yo granddaughter chose Tia Isa to write and draw about for her 1st grade class at Holton Elementary School in Richmond. Now, you are honored in memory of Ezra Jack Keats, another one of our favorite writers. Congratulations!

  6. Betsy said:

    I am so happy for you. I love Tia Isa for myself. I bought a copy for my grandson, who will love it when he gets a little older. It’s a beautiful story. I wish I had known Tia Isa. She was a remarkable lady.

    • Hi Betsy! I am giggling here. You actually can know her. Tía Isa is still alive, although she did have a stroke last year, right before the book pubbed. She and my mom just moved in with us here in VA. Life alone in Florida was no long possible. Maybe we’ll have a celebration soon…

  7. What incredible recognition! I am so thrilled for you!

  8. Yay, Meg! My little niece in Costa Rica has Tia Isa. So proud of you!

  9. Penelope said:

    Meg! I am so happy for you! Thrilled, even. I still remember us sitting at Nylce’s that afternoon when you first read it to our group. It gave me goosebumps then and it is no surprise now that the book is being honored.

    So, enjoy every minute. You deserve it all!

  10. Kate Fletcher said:

    Congrats, Meg! I’m so proud of this book–and of you! 🙂

  11. Meg, I’m so happy for you and for your beautiful book. This is indeed a singular honor, and richly deserved. Congratulations!!!

  12. Dear Meg: Bravo and congratulations! With love, Samantha

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