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I had a glorious day working at WriterHouse in Charlottesville. We ran short on time, but managed (I hope) to start sifting through some memories and figuring out how to reshape them for our work.  A sample:

Gravel on the driveway — and a long black car delivers a first look at The Terrible Grandmother.

A boy stays out all night, shivering on the streets, too afraid to ring the doorbell.

A hair-do that opens a child up to love.

A girl plays innocently as her family waits for the train to leave their Nazi-occupied city.

A mother and daughter try to make sense of an addiction.

Trapped in a windowless building, a schoolgirl is lured by flowers blooming near the roof outside.

Poets, journalists, children’s book writers, aspiring authors. Thank you Bea,Sandy, Warrick, Bev, Doreen, and Connie.  

Truly a wonderful day. Be fearless and let me know how your projects keep evolving.

P.S. Shout out to James Madison Regional Library  — this means you, David Plunkett — for inviting me.

Comments on: "Another Reason to Love WriterHouse" (4)

  1. Goodness- wish I were closer!!

  2. Connie B. Dowell said:

    Thanks, Meg! I had a great time and learned a lot yesterday.

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