Newbery award winner and New York Times bestselling author

From Walker Books, June 2012

Amazing to see two different cover takes on the same novel. Here is how my novel will look in the UK when it pubs in June!

Comments on: "Wow! UK cover 4 The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind" (6)

  1. Cool! Two beautiful covers for one beautiful book!

  2. Wow, I like both of them even though they’re very different.

  3. meg, i love the art! the naive style suits the story so well. i wish i were there to pick up a copy…


  4. abwestrick said:

    Wow. I love the expression on the girl’s face. Her eyes are arresting. So different from the American version, which I fell in love with months ago. Regardless of the cover art, your title is so awesome, how could any reader NOT pick up your book?

  5. It was such a pleasure to meet you this week at the NLCLC. Your presentation of your Hope Tree Project was amazing, and I cannot wait to hear about all of the results! When I arrived home tonight, I showed my 3 and 6 year old all the books I purchased, and let them each pick one out for a bedtime story. My 6 year old little girl selected Tia Isa Wants a Car. She enjoyed listening to it and caught on to many of the concepts to which you were alluding. She was happy to see the little girl running to the ocean with her parents at the end. 🙂 I hope to start reading The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind very soon.

    • Cynthia – Thank you for your lovely introduction at the Conference and for your sweet comment. It was a wonderful time for me, and you helped make it so. Hope our paths cross soon! Happy reading.

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