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Everybody Mambo!

album cover, Havana 3 am, Perez Prado, 1990

I’m giving myself an early Christmas present:  Mambo!

I’m talking about the free concert at the University of Richmond , Thursday, Dec 6, 2012, 7:30 pm, Alice Jepson Theatre. The U of R music department takes on the mixed sounds of American Jazz and Cuban rhythms. Lecture by Dr. Mike Davison, followed by guest artists and some of my very favorite music.

Pack up your dancing shoes and join me!

Comments on: "Everybody Mambo!" (3)

  1. Brian Steward said:

    Meg, I went to the ” Mambo Spectacular” at the Alice Jepson Theatre on the 6th of Dec. with my very musical daughter – under duress I might add, and was completely wowed, especially since I’m not a musical person myself, in fact before going I didn’t know a Tango from a Mango, but I’m glad I did even if I had to pay for the privilege.
    I would like to give a big thanks to all involved 🙂

    Brian Steward

    • You know, I loved it, too! I was especially thrilled to see the music students kicking butt on the Cuban music. FYI, there’s a salsa show in the spring that promises to be great, too. Check out the Modlin Center catalog. Happy Sunday!

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