Newbery award winner and New York Times bestselling author

I had the hair-raising experience of being on BuzzFeed live for their #AM2DM program. I followed Corey Booker, who had smart ideas but somehow couldn’t name the ingredients in a Margarita. (Really, hermano? All that political know-how aside, how is that possible?) Anyway, they were merciful and kept my comments to Merci Suárez Changes Gears. Here’s the link of the whole segment. It’s about five or six minutes, I think.

With Josh from JB Productions

That’s a wrap!

I was also asked to do a promotional video in support of children’s librarians for the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC). My first thought: my pleasure. But then came the logistics. The good news is I didn’t have to figure out how to talk and film with one hand. Instead, Patty Conway, Henrico County Library’s communications officer, joined me at Libbie Mill Library and Josh Bartlam of JB media, who came out with a pile of equipment to shoot the PSA.

I left some signed copies at the Libbie Mill branch of the Henrico Public Library

Finally, I rounded out the week with a labor of love (and despair.) I had to make my own homemade attempt at my official award reaction video for ALSC. They use the videos on their YouTube channel and also use them as part of the banquet ceremony in June. So, you know, I couldn’t let it be terrible. When it posts this spring, I’ll be sure to share.

Screenshot of take 1,000,000 for the ALSC reaction video

Looking ahead, I’m relatively local this week. I’m just heading up I-95 to Salem Elementary in Fredericksburg which is my first Virginia school visit since winning the Newbery. I’m looking forward to meeting more students in my home state!

Hope I’ll see you at an event soon.

Carinõs de,

Meg Medina

P.S. Reprints of Merci have shipped, so please let me know if you have trouble finding a copy where you live. If you’re looking for copies of Merci locally in Richmond, VA (they were hard to find a couple of weeks ago) remember to check our #RVA indies, especially bbgb in Carytown. There are a few signed copies at B&N on Libbie and Broad, too.

Now in its third printing! (Check out the bike earrings, too!)

Comments on: "The Theme of Last Week: Video!" (4)

  1. Ann Dallman said:

    Meg:  You speak so well. This interview held my interest; really, I was glued to the computer screen. I learned a lot about the writing process and your generous personality shone through! Anyway, congratulations once again. I feel so honored to have met you. Ann DallmanMenominee, MI

  2. Richard Burke said:

    Hey Meg,
    Many congrats and best wishes to you on your first Newbery Award. It’s so gratifying to have such a brilliant friend as you. I have been reading your blogs of late and wanted to reach out with condolences and then just to say hi.
    It was great to see you at the book fair at the Javits Center last year and I’m hoping to get down Richmond way someday soon.
    Much love to you and your family.
    Richard Burke

    • Richard! It’s wonderful to hear from you – and thank you! I’ll be in NYC in June, I think, at Book Con. If you don’t make it down to RVA before then, maybe we’ll cross paths then! Be well!

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