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Check out my new site – plus the Newbery speech and other goodies

By June 25, 2019No Comments
Welcome to my  new website!  After cobbling together a blog for a while now, I’ve given myself a fresh look that’s bright, clean, and easy. For my first news post, I’m offering the link to my Newbery speech (the official version), as well as photos from the entire  celebration, which can only be described as a huge, life-affirming love fest.


I hope you’ll enjoy the new site and that you’ll share it with friends. If you haven’t already, please sign up for the news alerts so you’ll know what’s been happening or what’s coming up. You can sign up on the News tab or on the pop up menu.

Many thank to Karen Lewis at Simply Amusing, who designed this site while waiting for her first grandchild to be born.  Thanks also to my valiant assistant, Kerri Poore, and to the copyediting goddesses at Candlewick for helping me get this beautiful new site together quickly.


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