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3 New Ways to Find Me

By February 7, 2022No Comments

Just a quick post to give you a couple of updates on three new ways to find me.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Alicia Menendez on her podcast, Latina to Latina. You know Alicia from MSNBC and her long career in journalism. I am hooked on this podcast because she sits in conversation with a wide range of Latina entertainers and talks to them about what it truly takes to rise in the field. It was such an honor to talk with Alicia – a fellow Cuban American!– about both personal topics and writing for kids. I hope you’ll tune in.

I’m also making some changes to my social media life. Last Friday, I quietly launched Fan Mail Fridays on TikTok (@MegMedinaBooks) and Instagram REELS (@MegMedinaBooks). I’ll read a snippet of a favorite letter I’ve received from a student or adult reader and tell you why I love it. (You can imagine what kids have to say!) It’s quick, simple, and fun (especially if you’re the kid whose letter got picked.) None of the clips is longer than a minute.

Why the change? There’s always the search for engagement with readers. But it’s also because there is no way for me to answer the letters that I get from students, and it feels horrible to leave them hanging. Typically, these sweet notes are sent by classroom teachers who have assigned their students to read one of my books and write to me. Sometimes the questions are predictable – my pets, how long I’ve been writing, if I have siblings. But sometimes what they have to say is truly arresting. You can picture the problem, though, when multiple classes read my book.

For a while I tried to reply to all of the notes notes. I even sent a video response to a school in Northern Virginia for a few years. But I realize I am outpaced. This seems like a fun and more current solution. Because the videos are short, TikTok and Reels seemed like a natural place for them.

Which brings me to TikTok in general.

In addition to the Fan Mail Friday, you’ll be able to find my 1-minute writing tips – currently on Instagram videos –  repurposed on TikTok. Other new content might also be added along the way as I get more comfortable – if, in fact, I ever do. Nothing corny, weird, or (I hope) cringe-worthy. Just me talking about writing, as usual. Looking forward to next month, I’ve been collecting reader questions which I’ll be answering during my own nerdy version of March Madness. Check out the graphic for the dates. Thanks to all of you who posted questions.

Anyway, if you’re on these platforms, take a look, and if you like what you see, follow.

Talk to you soon!


Meg Medina

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I'm Meg Medina, author of libros for kids of all ages. I'm the 2019 Newbery medalist for Merci Suárez Changes Gears. I write strong girls, tough circumstances, and the connecting power of culture. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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