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As I was growing up, every big family meal always ended with something sweet.

Sometimes it was Abuela Fefa’s arroz con leche sprinkled liberally with cinnamon. Sometimes it was my mother-in-law’s flawless flan glistening with caramelized sugar. Other times, it was as simple as a Duncan Hines yellow cake – no frosting – that my mother and tía Isa always just called panetela.

But the purpose of those sweet endings was always the same: to connect us just a little longer. It was a time to savor the meal and one another’s company so that we could catch up on details of our lives.

My bi-monthly newsletter, Sobremesa is designed in the same spirit. Sobremesa is where I can slow down and share things a little more deeply with those of you who are interested in children’s books and my work.

To receive the six issues of Sobremesa in your inbox, you’ll need to subscribe. Your email address will never be used for any other purpose than to give you the latest author updates – plus some perks and swag now and again.

It’s a sweet deal, friends. Looking forward to connecting…

Cariños de,

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