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Hannah Barnaby

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September 9, 2016

YA Lit Virginia style in RVA and DC

Nice press in Richmond Family Magazine I'm taking to the road with Hannah Barnaby and Kristen Paige Madonia, two fellow Virginia YA authors next week. If you're close to Richmond, stop in at Fountain Bookstore on Tuesday, Sept 13, 6:30 PM. We'll be talking about what's happening in YA lit these days, from our own perspectives.  After, we'll be driving up the I-95 corridor to Politics & Prose on Thursday, September 15, 7 pm for our Washington friends. Lovely KP I love both these authors for the top-notch work they're producing. (Both are previous Girls of Summer guest authors, with Wonder Show and Fingerprints of You, respectively.) Their newer works:  Some of the Parts and Invisible Fault Lines are fantastic follow-ups. But these women also bring a sensitivity that I like when we talk about YA. Hannah is a former editor, and KP teaches Creative Writing at JMU and UVA.  So, I always feel like the conversation they bring about Young Adult lit is deeper than just a review of storyline or  process, etc. In fact, I feel like I learn something new from them every time we're together. Hannah signing books at Girls of Summer 2015 Anyway, I know the fall is a busy time, but if you can squeeze in some book and author love, come on out!
March 20, 2016

Lord I Was Born A Ramblin (Wo)maaaan

By far the busiest week I've had in a while: 6,412.8 miles in ten days. Whew! Some photos from the many as I remembered to take, starting at the Tucson Festival of the Book. The view from my window in Tucson One of the courtyards at the Lodge on the Desert Beautiful pots all over the place This saguaro cactus towers over you. I'm told that the "arms" don't grow on it until it's old...60 years or so. The hotel is one of the oldest in Tucson and was recently remodeled. Lots of lovely alcoves and tile work Crystal Allen, Monica Brown, Kirby Larsen, and Natalie Lloyd made up the Mighty Girls panel. I couldn't resist sitting in on a panel with such a good title! What a panel! With Dan Gemeinhart and Ruta Sepetys (who taught me how to say her name) At the author dinner with Kendal Washington White, Ass't VP of Student Affairs and Dean of Students at the University of Arizona (and her son Robert) The juniors and seniors from Tucson High School who interviewed me about Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass and Burn Baby Burn Some teenagers really know how to win me over!   On to the Virginia Festival of the Book... The students' country of origin are celebrated on the ceiling tiles of Jack Jouett MS in Charlottesville VA Great VA Book Fest panel on writing family with Lamar Giles (Endangered), Kelly Fiori (Thicker Than Water) Hannah Barnaby (Some of the…
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October 14, 2013

Virginia Book Lovers: This is the week for you!

This is the week to be proud to be a Virginian, especially if you're a book geek like me. The Literary Festival of Virginia is back. It has been  gaining national attention over the years, thanks to the impressive list of  bookish events you can find in this state. One event that I hope is on your radar is right here in Richmond. If you're a fan of books for young readers,  we want to see you at Teen '13  at the Richmond Public Library on October 17, 6 - 8:30 PM. Food, music, authors, books, free stuff, all in one place. The fifteen Virginia authors who are coming offer a mind-blowing range of styles and topics. The books - all 2013 releases -- are about psychic powers, romance, religious zealots, racism, canaries in coal mines, circus freaks, the KKK, bullies, military families, Darfur, dementia, horses, angels, courtiers, girls in juvie hall - you name it. See for yourself on the final schedule and the author list here. Teen '13 program_proof2 (2) Oh, and to sweeten the deal even more, there's free stuff: six $25 gift cards to Fountain Bookstore (which will be on hand that night); three winners of 30-minute video chats with an author of their choice; and an autographed collection of the entire list of books. Huge smooches to the Hanover High School Jazz band for their talents and to the Friends of the Library who funded the food, the space and all the prizes. (And buttons. Did I…